Sales, installation and support of grid-connected, hybrid and stand-alone solar power systems

We have over 15 years experience delivering grid-connected, hybrid and stand-alone solar systems. We work with you to determine the most appropriate and cost effective system, designed to suit your lifestyle, budget and power needs.

Save on batteries

HUGE Savings on LGChem Batteries

Reduce your energy bills, store your solar power and have emergency backup power during power outages. Greater energy savings. Greater energy security.

Save more with

a Hybrid system

Use your solar power at night!
6.4kWh & 9.8 kWh Hybrid Systems

  • - Solax SKSU 5000e 5kW hybrid inverter
  • - 5.4kW Suntech STP 270W poly panels
  • - LG Chem Resu Battery
  • - Installation, cabling and commissioning