Giant Power off-grid system prices

Inverter Batteries Capacity Price
5kVA (4kW) 48V IPS 24 x 240AH 2V Carbon 11.52kWh $11,676.92
10kVA (8kW) 48V IPS 24 x 480AH 2V Carbon 23.04kWh $24,453.85
10kVA (8kW) 48V IPS 48 x 360AH 2V Carbon 34.56kWh $29,869.23
15kVA (12kW) 48V IPS 48 x 480AH 2V Carbon 46.08kWh $40,107.67
20kVA (16kW) 48V IPS 72 x 480AH 2V Carbon 69.12kWh $58,469.23
25kVA (20kW) 48V IPS 24 x 2400AH 2V Carbon 115.2kWh $90,284.62

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