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Installing solar systems for over 15 years

The SolaX vision is to be a world leader in the development, production and distribution of solar inverters. The product range incorporates the very latest in solar innovation thanks to the continued focus on R&D and unceasing commitment to pushing back the boundaries of what is possible – a journey that has led to the launch of the ground-breaking X-Hybrid solar energy storage system.

ABB has one of the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from single and three-phase string inverters up to megawatt-sized central inverters. Their range of solar inverters is suitable for the smallest residential photovoltaic (PV) systems right up to multi-megawatt PV power plants. ABB provide monitoring solutions and a global service network to maximize the return on your investment.

Founded in 2001, Suntech has its sales areas spread over more than 80 countries and regions in the world. The Company vigourously promotes the conversion efficiency of products, founded in R & D of new technologies, manufacturing techniques, and providing photovoltaic products of the highest quality, high reliability and high cost performance.

LG offers total energy solutions, which support clean energy generation, storage and efficient consumption, by combining energy related products and technologies including fuel cell systems for energy generation, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), high efficient Power Conditioning System (PCS), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Energy Management System (EMS).

We’ve always pushed the boundaries of solar technology, ever since our founders took one look at a string inverter and knew they could do better. We’re still at it. We’re passionate about developing new technologies that make energy more intelligent, more connected, and more cost effective than ever before.

As a system technology specialist, SMA has been developing and distributing high-quality PV inverters and innovative technology for intelligent energy management for over 30 years. Our technology and service solutions for all photovoltaic applications offer users more efficiency and independence in meeting their energy needs.

Tesla Powerwall provides backup power during utility outages, natural disasters and even the Zombie Apocalypse (you know it’s coming). Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall also comes ready to integrate seamlessly with solar, enabling you to self-power your home and even go off-grid, if you like.

Fronius create new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy. For battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics. While others develop gradually, we innovate in leaps and bounds by shifting the limits of what`s possible.

Giant Power are market leaders in superior & technically advanced batteries, power conversion and high quality renewable energy and off grid power products. We are one of the leading Battery and Solar Wholesalers in Australia.